Long Haul COVID in the Black Community

Long Haul COVID in the Black Community

ByEthnic Media Services

Experts from the University of California Riverside’s Center for Healthy Communities held an August town hall focusing on the latest information about long-haul Covid, which affects some 8,000 African Americans in Riverside County.

Long haul COVID is a condition that refers to long-term physical and mental health effects that are present four or more weeks after initial COVID-19 infection. Long haul COVID has many names including long COVID, post-COVID and post-acute sequelae SARS-CoV-2 infection (PASC). People who experience long COVID can exhibit many different symptoms including fatigue, brain fog and chest pain.

Research on long COVID is still ongoing, which has made diagnosing the condition difficult for providers and even more difficult for individuals to receive recognition. While it is hard to say for sure, researchers and public health officials estimate that 27 million Americans suffer from long COVID.

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