Keep Your Air Clean

Keep Your Air Clean

(NAPSI)—People are increasingly concerned about dirt and germs these pandemic days, but many are neglecting an unseen area where airborne contaminants can lurk: the air ducts.

Even in the cleanest house, the indoor air system can recirculate dust, dirt, and particles from renovation and remodeling projects.

Why It’s Important

Your home’s heating and cooling system are the lungs of your home. The system pulls air from your rooms; filters heats, or cools it, and sends it back out again.

Unfortunately, the average home generates 40 pounds of dust a year, so the filters can’t get every speck. They get clogged and can send contaminants back into your home. This can lead not only to unhealthy air—a particular problem for children, seniors, and those with respiratory or autoimmune conditions—but higher energy bills as well.

What To Do

Fortunately, it can be easy to have clean ducts when you turn to a reputable, certified HVAC professional.

Where To Turn

Making it simple to find one is NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association). Its members comply with a code of ethics and meet the organization’s high standards. For a list of certified, nearby professionals, visit


Source: NAPSI


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