Tunisian President Compares Israel To Nazi Germany

Tunisian President Compares Israel To Nazi Germany

By Lennox Kalifungwa

Tunisian President Kais Saied recently compared the Jewish state to Nazi Germany. 

“While Tunisians protected Jews during the Holocaust, today, elderly women and children are being bombed in Gaza,” he said

Two Jewish cousins were among those murdered on May 9 near a Tunisian synagogue, the president’s comments came days later.

Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt, president of the Conference of European Rabbis, called on European governments to condemn Saied’s statement, which he said implies “that the Jews of Tunisia are responsible for the bombing of Gaza”. 

“Through such wanton remarks, the president continues to incite further hatred and even attacks against the country’s Jewish community, heaven forbid,” Goldschmidt said. “Since the attack, the Jewish community of Djerba has not been visited or contacted by any members of the government. The Tunisian president together with the relevant authorities should instead be offering support to the Jewish community and working to ensure its safety”.

Aviel Haddad, 30, a dual Israeli-Tunisian, was killed on May 9 alongside his cousin Benjamin Haddad, a 42-year-old French citizen. Three security personnel were also killed when a Tunisian National Guard member opened fire on people near Ghriba Synagogue on May 9 as Lag B’Omer celebrations were underway. A dozen others were injured.

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Source: Published without changes from Zenger News

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