Getting Road Trip Ready

Getting Road Trip Ready

(NAPSI)—Here’s something you should know the next time you’re getting your vehicle ready for a road trip. While you may take steps to prepare for a trip—checking tire pressure and oil levels and filling the tank—there is one step that’s often overlooked: checking your vehicle for open safety recalls. 

There are millions of unrepaired recalls on U.S. roads today. For example, tens of millions of vehicles in the United States—across all makes and models—have unrepaired, recalled airbags. Even in a minor crash, recalled airbags that deploy can rupture and spray shrapnel into the vehicle—transforming lifesaving devices into life-threatening ones. The risk associated with defective airbags is even greater in hot and humid conditions.

That’s why it’s critical that you check your vehicle for recalled airbags and get them repaired at an authorized dealer. You can find out if your vehicle has an open recall by visiting and entering your license plate number or Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). The 17-character VIN is located on the driver’s side dashboard near the windshield and can be found on insurance and registration documents. 

Repairs are paid by your vehicle manufacturer, regardless of where or from whom you bought the vehicle, whether you own the vehicle, are the regular driver of the vehicle, or are just borrowing it for the day. Airbag repairs can take as little as one hour and dealers make the process as easy as possible for drivers. 

More importantly, getting a recalled airbag repaired could save your life. If a recalled airbag deploys in a crash, vehicle occupants are at risk of serious injury and even death. 

Before you hit the road, protect yourself and your passengers by checking your vehicle for open airbag recalls and getting them repaired for free. Be prepared. 

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