Pacsun Supports STEM To The Future After School Initiative With Sponsored Creative Design Program

Pacsun Supports STEM To The Future After School Initiative With Sponsored Creative Design Program

LOS ANGELES — With the back-to-school season and Fall upon us, Pacsun is continuing its dedication to youth and its contribution to STEM to the Future through dedicated programs under STEM to the Future’s upcoming after-school program. With support of Pacsun through their three-year commitment, the organizations will lead the creative design program for Black and Lantinx youth in 4th – 7th grade.

“Fostering youth is a core value at Pacsun, and being able to partake in a school program and have an impact on kids’ education and learning, alongside such a remarkable organization like STEM to the Future, is very inspiring for us,” said Brie Olson, President of Pacsun.

“At STEM to the Future we believe Black and Latinx youth deserve the opportunity to reimagine and create a world they want and deserve. A world where people come before profits and a world where they can use their talents and passions to liberate themselves and their communities. The Bloom Initiative supports the youth as they develop their own brand that is informed by and meets the needs of their community.” Jacob Adams, Founder and Executive Director STEM to the Future.

As part of the creative design program, Students will partake in a variety of creative design methods and practices including:

  • Identity and Design Methods: involving Color Theory Emotion, Mood Boards, and programs like Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • Community Research: Students will create surveys, collect, and analyze data from their community to learn more about unmet needs as well as ways in which the community is thriving.
  • Crowd Sourced Design-informed Design: Students will identify themes and trends from their community research and use that data to create a brand that raises awareness and addresses an unmet need in their community.

By the end of this year’s program, Students will use graphic design, storytelling, and knowledge of sustainable fabrics to launch their own capsule through an immersive pop-up.  The methods and practices prepare Students and guide them to create their own brand to raise awareness and address social justice issues that are impacting their communities.

A number of Los Angeles artists and designers will also support the students throughout the program as they witness how art can be a form of activism while learning things like sewing, graphic design, photography and curating exhibits.

Not only will STEM to the Future implement this program in Los Angeles, but they will also be training other educators across the country on this program. STEM to the Future looks to join, foster and grow the community of educators who are creating student-led learning experiences that are rooted in justice and freedom.

The after school program officially launches Wednesday, September 15th at St. Elmo Mid-City After School in LA and runs through September 2021 – May 2022. Each topic will be 6-8 weeks long, with Wednesday classes in person and Thursday classes on Zoom. After recently launching Pacsun’s first full gender free brand Colour Range which includes a kids category, the brand stays committed to embracing positivity and inclusivity. The alignment with the STEM to the Future program is another unique way to showcase more of this go-forward initiative with the youth generation.

Learn more about Stem to the Future and their work at and on Instagram @stemtothefuture.

Source: PR Newswire