I voted for Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner, and I will vote for her again.

Voter Suppression: Disenfranchised
This tactic is designed to discourage citizens from voting, which is a form of voter suppression.

She was elected by the people twice. The last election, Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner, won with 75% of vote.

The 12th grade educated governor Parson continues to retaliate again her because she was instrumental in the resignation of the former governor. It is also racial harassment of a professional and educated Black female.

How can a governor with a 12th grade education have the knowledge and understanding of how to operate a state government?

Andrew Bailey was appointed by an uneducated governor and is trying to score political points for when he runs for office. This is part of his campaign strategy.

Kim Gardner resigned from her position on 1st June 2023 following a public lynching.

African American Voice supports Kim Gardner, The Mother of Justice!

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