I voted for Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner, and I will vote for her again.

Voter Suppression: Disenfranchised
This tactic is designed to discourage citizens from voting, which is a form of voter suppression.

She was elected by the people twice. The last election, Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner, won with 75% of vote.

The 12th grade educated governor Parson continues to retaliate again her because she was instrumental in the resignation of the former governor. It is also racial harassment of a professional and educated Black female.

How can a governor with a 12th grade education have the knowledge and understanding of how to operate a state government?

Andrew Bailey was appointed by an uneducated governor and is trying to score political points for when he runs for office. This is part of his campaign strategy.

I challenge my fellow veteran to work with Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner and free innocent African Americans (like Lamar Johnson) who are in prison as a result of a corrupt judicial system. As you know, the mistreatment, discrimination, and harsh sentencing of African Americans are well documented.

African American Voice supports Kim Gardner